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Above and beyond.

Besides being trained and licensed real estate agents, UPSIDE professionals take tremendous pride in becoming market experts, skilled negotiators, creative storytellers, and global marketers. In delivering upon our mission of opening doors for changing lives, we base everything we do upon three fundamental promises...


WE PROMISE to provide unparalleled access to local insights, hidden opportunities, and meaningful market data.


WE PROMISE to serve as trusted guides and insightful teachers for inspiring the utmost confidence in your investment decisions.


WE PROMISE to make your life easier by taking care of the details and delivering an extraordinary experience.

What is a real estate commission?

In Florida, the typical real estate commission is 6% of the sales price, traditionally paid by the Seller at the time of closing.  However, a number of considerations may factor into the commission for any particular property such as price range, marketability, accessibility, and qualifications of the real estate professional.  UPSIDE is committed to providing a rewarding and extraordinary experience for a fair commission, and we typically do not charge junk fees on top of the commission like some companies do these days.  Please ask us for a complimentary pricing analysis and commission estimate for your property today!

Listing program flyer entitled "Lights. Camera. Listing!"
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