Built for the UPSIDE of your career!


In 2019, UPSIDE was created when Judy Black and company bid farewell to their conventional offices and reimagined the modern real estate workplace for the most accomplished real estate agents. Together, we are working smarter and reaching higher. We hope you will join our movement.

Elevate your game.

When we surround ourselves with the best, we become even better. This is why UPSIDE is reserved for the most accomplished real estate professionals on the upside of our careers. Like Judy Black, who is always recognized on Orlando Magazine's list of Hot 100 Elite.

Increase your speed.

UPSIDE is built for the top speed of our top real estate professionals. We lean into simplicity, and we reject corporate red tape. The UPSIDE Mobile Workplace has everything we need for business on the fly. 

Leverage your team.

Whether you are in need of a branding upgrade, an open house team, a transaction manager, or just a little showing or vacation help, UPSIDE has you covered with our Agent Assist program.

Lean into collaboration.

No more boring sales meetings. UPSIDE meetups are focused on one thing - sharing good ideas among our CEO-minded professionals. Like Jason Black, who has 20+ years of experience as a real estate agent, lawyer, and business coach.

Amplify your listings.

As we all know, listings are the lifeblood of any successful real estate business.  At UPSIDE, every listing receives the red carpet treatment in our "Lights, Camera, Listing!" program.

Own your color.

UPSIDE embraces our unique creative energies in telling our individual stories and building our individual brands. To prove it, each one of us is encouraged to choose our own brand color. Sarah is purple. Jason is blue. What color are you?

Enjoy your reward.

With a forward leaning compensation plan, UPSIDE professionals earn a generous 90/10 commission split with no fees and a $15k company cap.

Accept your promotion.

Take on the added role of UPSIDE Partner and earn a host of Partner Perks including financial incentives and enhanced marketing. See below for more details.

Unlock the UPSIDE Partner Track.

The UPSIDE Partner Track provides a unique opportunity to enhance our careers and expand our earnings potential. Imagine a partner track, like a law firm or accounting firm, where you have a real stake in the collective success of your organization. There are two ways to unlock the UPSIDE Partner Track. The first way is to generate $100,000 in commissions in any given year. The second way is to help attract three accomplished members to our growing organization.



Partner Promotions

Partner Profit Sharing

Strategic Planning Council

One mission, many voices.

UPSIDE embraces inclusion and diversity as an equal opportunity workplace. Together, we are building a future of respect and opportunity for all.


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