Welcome to the UPSIDE, a destination workplace where accomplished real estate agents are joining forces and breaking the mold!

In 2019, UPSIDE was created when Judy Black and company bid farewell to our conventional offices and reimagined the modern real estate workplace.

Embracing the future, we are light on management - heavy on collaboration. Light on wasted energy - heavy on convenience. Light on status quo - heavy on innovation. Together, we are building a culture of creativity, excellence and reward.


In short, we are working smarter and reaching higher!

What is so different about the UPSIDE Experience?

Perhaps, almost everything.



No more corporate red tape. UPSIDE agents control our own MLS listings, get paid at the closing table, and turn in our files one time - after closing!



No more long and boring sales meetings. UPSIDE meetups take place virtually and are focused on one thing - sharing good ideas for becoming better CEOs!



No more status quo. From our virtual workplace, to our progressive commission plan, to our leading edge marketing program, UPSIDE is innovating in everything we do!



No more ordinary. UPSIDE agents are free to be creative, encouraged to be remarkable, and supported in building the strength and value of our individual real estate brands!



No more mediocrity. UPSIDE agents have already proven themselves when they join our lineup from other brokerages. By focusing our energy on accomplished professionals, we are challenging mediocrity and raising the bar!



No more outdated commission plans. UPSIDE agents earn a 90/10 commission split with a $15k company cap! We don't charge any franchise fees or junk fees, either!

Tap into your inner influencer.

Unlock the UPSIDE Partner Track!

The UPSIDE PARTNER TRACK provides brokers, team leaders and other real estate influencers with an opportunity to enhance our careers and expand our earning potential. Imagine a partner track, like a law firm or accounting firm, where we have a real stake in the collective success of our organization. Inquire below to learn more!


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